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Translation Services



The attention to detail and precision is first class and this is supported by an ability to grasp and communicate complex issues
— John Oliver - Executive Director Sellafield

Core Services



We are highly specialised in our areas of expertise and work only in two languages - this is how we guarantee the quality of our output - without compromise. All our translations are carried out by our expert translators. In addition we use the state-of-the-art translation memory technology to provide additional assurance that our translations are consistent and accurate.


Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting is provided by Anna Kerod. Anna has extensive experience both in “top table” interpreting between Ministers, Heads of State, Prime Ministers and Chief Executives as wells as in lengthy negotiations at a commercial, legal, financial, operational and technical level.

Proof-Reading and Editing

We offer proof-reading and editing services in English and Russian. We will make your text read as native in both languages. We will also ensure consistency of terminology and professional formatting of your documents.



certified and notarised translation

We are able to prepare certified (also known as sworn) translations bearing the Institute of Translator's seal, as well as have your documents translated and notarised. Please note that this will attract third party fixed fees on top of our usual translation fees.

Courts & Tribunals

We are experienced in providing simultaneous interpreting in the High Courts of Justice and arbitral tribunals, and have been engaged in high-value disputes.

Video conferencing

We are fully enabled with Cisco Video Conferencing facilities which means that we can offer a very cost and time effective alternative for clients through interpreting via video link at meetings, conferences and events.


Areas of Specialised Expertise


Oil & gas

  • Prospecting

  • Exploration

  • Development

  • Upstream

  • Midstream

  • Downstream


  • Cost Recovery Audits

  • Budgets

  • IPOs

  • Loan Agreements

dispute resolution

  • Cost Recovery Disputes

  • Tax Disputes

  • Arbitration

  • Settlement Negotiations



  • Petroleum

  • Tax

  • Environmental


  • Production Sharing Agreements

  • Gas Sale Agreements

  • Pipeline Transportation Agreements

  • Joint Operating Agreements

  • Mutual Assurances Agreements

  • Settlement Agreements


  • Tax Audits

  • Tax Legislation

  • Tax Regulations